Volunteer at RCD

Each cup of coffee, smiling welcome, child nurtured or note played is a small piece of the redemption that God is actively working in the world.

RCD Kids

Redemption Denver partners with volunteers and families to teach our kids about the Bible and how it practically relates to their lives. We help kids learn to love and obey God. If you are interested in helping our children’s ministry grow, please consider volunteering in RCD Kids. Fill out the online application below and we’ll be in touch! (Note: Clean national & state background checks are required for this team.)

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team makes sure anyone who comes through our doors feels connected to the community at Redemption Denver. They oversee the greeters and the coffee team and ensure that the front of the church is a comfortable place for everyone, and they act as ambassadors of hospitality in the church from week-to-week. Click sign-up below if you are interested in helping out!

Scripture Readers

Each week, members of our congregation share the text of the week by reading aloud to the congregation. This is a great opportunity to work through stage fright, practice vocal presence, and give back to the church at the same time! Fill out the form below to be added to our scripture reading team!

Worship Team

Production Team

Our Worship Team is critical for the liturgies that we take part in each week. We plan & work to ensure that our music is high-quality, creatively unique, and engaging for the congregation. If you are proficient in an instrument or vocals and would like to lend your gifts to the church, fill out the form below and we’ll setup
a tryout!
Each week, we need people to execute our visual presentations, lights, and livestream. Volunteering in this role requires knowledge of macOS-based computers and troubleshooting skills, as well as the ability to multitask and filter through questions being sent in. If this is something you are interested in, please fill out the form below!

Questions about volunteering?

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