Gather Large

9:30 am Each Sunday, 4345 W. 46th Ave., Denver, CO 80212
At Redemption we say we like to gather large and gather small. We gather as a large group each Sunday and then we gather small throughout the month in parishes at each other’s homes. Our Sunday gathering is the center of our church, it is a time when we gather together to be renewed and transformed by grace. Our goal is to create an environment that is welcoming and comfortable to explore and celebrate the riches of Christ.

What do we do?
We gather together every Sunday to celebrate the good news of the gospel by singing, teaching, and participating. We sing because the gospel is good news! So we celebrate together every Sunday in song. We teach because the Gospel is news, it is the story of all history from creation and fall, to redemption and our hope in Christ. We participate in this story each week by communal prayer, and sharing in communion.

What do you offer for Kids?
Newborns up through First Grade check in at RCD Kids. Every week the kids encounter the depths of the gospel in ways that they are able to connect with and apply.

When should I arrive?
Our service starts at 9:30 am, and we recommend showing up around 9:15 am so you are able to Check-in the kids at RCD Kids, grab a cup of coffee in the foyer, and ask any questions you may have at the Redemption Tent or with any of our welcome team wearing a RCD lanyard.

Where do I park?
We are located inside Berkeley Park Chapel at the corner of Tennyson St. and 46th Ave. You will find plenty of off-street parking in our lot.

Our site and building are fully wheelchair accessible.

Do you have a livestream?
Yes! While we encourage in-person gatherings, we recognize COVID can complicate this for some people. If you would like to view our livestream, send an e-mail over to for instructions to access. We make sure to keep in touch with stream viewers so they aren’t disconnected from the church body!
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