RCD Kids

Play. Pray. Proclaim the Gospel.

RCD Kids exists to engage children's natural wonder and curiosity to point them to Jesus and the good news of the Gospel - to play, pray, and proclaim the Gospel.

RCD Kids Gathering

RCD Kids meets during the church gathering on Sundays, and is a time for children to play and connect with each other. We sing and hear stories from the Bible, pray together, and walk away having a positive experience learning about God. Our goal is to teach each child how they fit into God's story of Redemption in an environment where they feel safe, loved and cared for. We want kids to enjoy coming to church!

Family Worship

Children are a gift from God, and we take the call to steward them seriously. Our children’s curriculum is written in-house, and aligns with the scriptures taught in the main gathering. RCD values family worship! Each week children join their families at the end of the service to sing together, and there are multiple family services throughout the year. Beyond Sunday mornings, RCD partners with families to provide them with resources to raise their children biblically, encourage & support them, and celebrate with them!

Questions about RCD Kids?